Give your bedroom a style injection

Bedrooms are a place of solace and peace, somewhere to find rest at the end of the day. If your bedroom is looking a bit dull and dated, it may be time to refresh the room and fall in love with it again. These three room accessories can update your bedroom without incurring the reno blues. Maximize the functionality and comfort level of your room without repainting, wallpaper or major remodelling required.


It’s rare to see a bed styled without a headboard in magazines, and there’s a good reason for it. Serving as a focal point for the room, and with plush fabrics and clean lines, headboards can make bedrooms look cozier and pulled together. Originally, headboards had a more practical function and were used to keep out drafts. With the advent of central heating and better insulation, they now serve a mostly decorative purpose. Headboards can be sold separately from the rest of the bed, which means you can hunt for the right one without needing to replace your bed frame altogether. They also give you a comfy place to lean when sitting up to read or work in bed.


Drapes are a great place to invest with a smaller design budget. Window coverings are generally substantial enough to make a significant difference in the feel of the room, without making any other changes. If you’re looking to make your room feel light and airy, sheer, floaty drapes would fit the bill, while you can achieve a luxe look with heavier, jewel-toned fabrics. Colourful curtains with a fun design would make a child’s room look bright and cheerful. To make your bedroom a true haven for rest, consider blackout or multilayer curtains for more restful sleep. Regardless of what you choose, special hardware, patterns and different fabric types (cotton, linen, blends etc.) make the combinations endless for a personalized choice that’s uniquely yours.


Blessed with extra space? Incorporate an extra seat in your bedroom that’s not the bed! Add an accent chair for a pop of style, an armchair for plush comfort, or a bench at the end of the bed as a storage solution. Sleep experts say that it’s best to reserve the bed for sleeping, so your mind associates it with rest only. Additional seating options can add versatility and functionality to the room. Now your bedroom can serve as a workspace, a reading nook for lazy afternoons, or a spot for conversation.

Our Toronto-based custom design studio offers a selection of handmade furniture, including headboards, drapes and chairs that you can customize to your tastes. It’s a one-stop shop for custom luxury furniture, particularly if you’re considering all three. Let our designers can help you coordinate these pieces for a cohesive feel and recommend additional styling options (like bedsheets, cushions, and rugs) to complete the look. Give us a call to find out more!

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