Custom Luxury Furniture

Where to find inspiration to decorate and furnish your home

As designers of custom luxury furniture, we've trained our eye to find inspiration wherever we look. Even seeing something as simple as a curve can spark the beginnings of a new piece. With experience, we've learned to harness our ideas for maximum impact and function. For the non-designers out there, we want to assure you that finding inspiration is as much a mindset as it is serendipity. Here are some places we find inspiration - along with how you can try it out for yourself!

New Trends

We make sure to stay on top of the latest trends. Our clients, whether they're interior design professionals or homeowners, tend to be savvy and aware of the what's currently in vogue. To keep our finger on the pulse, we attend trade shows, browse décor mags, and stay on top of big moves in the design space. One big trend we've noticed? Japanese-inspired minimalism. This style involves fresh colours and clean lines, which lends itself very well to condo living. We've incorporated this style element by creating handmade furniture, like sofas and sectionals that are low to the ground, making use of natural wood frames wherever possible. These features have a grounding effect without overpowering a small home.

Interested in doing your own trendspotting? Keep an eye out for what's up and coming by reading interior design catalogues, magazines and websites.

Our Clients

No brainstorming required: some of our clients know exactly what they are looking for. A common ask? Cohesiveness with pieces they already have in their home. Instead of saying goodbye to furniture they've used for years and still love, customers might opt for one or two new pieces instead, creating a transitional look that marries the traditional and contemporary together beautifully. For example, one client wanted a custom designed sofa that would go with her existing accent chairs. Even though the chairs had a minimal design, she opted for an opulent mid-century Italian sofa with a velvet finish. She loved the look of two different styles coming together, and decided to re-do other rooms in her home with a similar transitional feel.

If you've ever noticed something in a home that piques your interest, be it the furniture, colour scheme, or layout, don't be shy to ask—most people take pride in their homes and compliments are usually well-received. You can also check with design-minded friends or family for advice on your decor challenges.

Our Team

Our diverse design and construction team is made up of people from different backgrounds, ages, and life stages. Each individual brings something different to the table, and melding our ideas together can bring about something totally unexpected. For instance, we've had a client with her heart set on a large that was too large to fit through her door. The proposed solution? Design the couch in two parts that could fit together as one seamless piece.

In our business, we've shied away from the traditional hierarchy model to encourage our staff to provide their input on how best to achieve the customer's vision. We consider our design and craft teams to be complementary, and both are equally important.

Need inspiration from us? We'd love to help. We are always open to answering questions and coming up with fresh ideas for custom made furniture—get in touch!

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