Considering custom made furniture? How to choose the right design studio for your needs.

Considering custom made furniture? How to choose the right design studio for your needs.

Once you've decided to go the custom route to furnish your home (great choice, by the way!), it's time to do some research. Furniture designers come in all types. Some might specialize in using specific materials, while others might offer options in a variety of price ranges. And they'll all provide different levels of service. It goes without saying that you need to choose the right one when trying to put together the home of your dreams. Here are a few things you might want to look out for when looking for the perfect design studio to build custom luxury furniture.

Your vision

While custom furniture manufacturers tend to be flexible in what they can make, it's a good idea to visit the showroom or view some samples before making any final decisions. Check to see that what you're looking for isn't wildly disparate from what they usually design. For example, a studio that only uses live edge slabs for their pieces might not be able to make the plush and luxurious couch you have in your mind's eye. Discuss any non-negotiable points (i.e. materials, colours, size, price range) ahead of time as well to ensure the company can accommodate your requests.

Your relationship

A custom creation requires a lot of back and forth between the client and the studio. For that reason, it's essential to pick a design firm with staff that you have a good rapport with. It won't do you any favours if you dread speaking with them. An ideal scenario? You should feel comfortable speaking up, but also have confidence in the studio's design process. A healthy channel of communication helps ensure satisfaction on your end and helps inspire trust.

Your involvement

Some clients are naturally more hands-off, while others want to be informed of every detail. Are you comfortable with the studio making a judgement call on your custom designed piece without your input? Or would you prefer to be part of the decision-making process? Make sure your studio can accommodate your preferences by reviewing their policies and procedures. Build a good working relationship by outlining your requests and having realistic expectations around how and when the studio will deliver on the design and product.

At Studio 289, we believe open communication is key. Our top notch customer service maintains the kind of positive relationships that turn first-time clients into repeat customers. Our furniture makers take so much pride in their work that we're excited to share our progress with you every step of the way. Our goal? To keep you in the loop from the very beginning so we can exceed your expectations with the end product. Our furniture isn't cookie-cutter, and we know our clients aren't either, so we are happy to accommodate different preferences with a personalized approach. We love to hear feedback, so don't be shy to speak up and tell us what you are looking for. Contact us to schedule a consultation so we can see if we're a good fit!

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