Studio 289: An Interior Designer's Secret Weapon

Studio 289: An Interior Designer's Secret Weapon

"I love it!" Every designer lives for those three little words. When you've managed to meld your client's vision with reality, make their dream space come to life...and you know because the look on their face tells you you've hit the jackpot. It's a great feeling.

We love that feeling too. Having worked with scores of interior designers, there's nothing more satisfying than knowing that we've created that perfect piece—the one that ties the whole room together, the one that fits that awkward wall like it was made for it, the one that matches that hard-to-find, I'll know it when I see it shade of blue spot-on.

In other words, we’re on your side. With our years of experience in the custom furniture business, we want to partner with you to help bring your client's vision to life.

Real-life isn't a catalogue - but we can help make it look like one!

We design pieces you'll feel confident recommending to your clients. Our furniture is built to last so we don't cut corners. We use hardwood frames crafted from sourced woods such as maple, polyurethane foam, 100% cotton felt, rubber webbing and springs, materials that we know will stand up to frequent use. We take pride in our work, applying our meticulous eye for detail to every project, whether big or small. Our goal? To give our clients that wow! feeling when they see the finished piece.

No cookie-cutter furniture here

Our specialty? Quality, thoughtful design that’s customized to your client’s unique needs. We design each piece of furniture from scratch, and create each piece of furniture by hand. With over 30 years of experience in the soft furnishings industry, Studio 289's owner is also our senior craftsman. He is highly respected among furniture makers across Greater Toronto, overseeing the details of every piece that passes through our shop from start to finish. He's also assembled a team: one with the experience it takes to provide you an interior decorator or full service interior design studio outstanding value in furniture design and upholstery.

Partners in design

Through the consultation process, we'll get a feel for what your client is looking for, along with any real-world constraints that might be standing in the way. We take the time to listen to you, working with you to cater to your client's preferences and budget. It's a collaborative process, so don't be shy to speak up and let us know what you're looking for. Our design team can provide both practical suggestions and styling inspiration. We know it's hard to make decisions based on rough sketches and computer-rendered colours, so we've set up a client-centric consultation experience, complete with products, fabrics, and swatches available in our showroom for in-person viewing. Every home—and client—is different, so our solutions are custom-made, not one size fits all.

Standard, mass-produced furnishings are often a matter of settling—making do with something that isn’t quite right. We’re here to change that! Book a consultation to see how we can help your client’s interior design dreams come true with custom furniture—made with their needs in mind.

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