Custom-Made Furniture  - Attainable Luxury with Studio 289

Custom-Made Furniture  - Attainable Luxury with Studio 289

Furniture shopping often feels like embarking on a fresh start. Perhaps you’ve bought a new house, or are going through a lifestyle transition. Maybe you're just looking for a change. Whatever the reason, you’re in the market to reimagine your home. But finding the perfect piece often involves a lot of dead ends and time wasted. Where do you find standout furnishings that will fit seamlessly into your home and lifestyle? Big box furniture stores are everywhere but tend to carry the same generic-looking, mass-produced pieces that you see over and over. What are your options if you're looking for something as unique as you are?

Here at Studio 289, we think we have the answer. Our goal? To design the type of furniture you’ll fall in love with, every time you see it. Through an in-depth consultation process, we create bespoke pieces to take advantage of your space and fit in your home like they were made specifically for you...because they are!

Invest in quality

Nowadays, when furniture holds up for even a few years, we consider it a pretty good run. We invite you to elevate your standards and expect more. Our products are meticulously designed and crafted by hand—no assembly lines here. Instead, our artisans rely on their years of experience to bench-make each piece, using durable materials like maple hardwood, cotton fabric, and rubber webbing for furnishings that last. Our pieces can also be updated if your needs and preferences change - a great sustainable option that helps reduce waste.

Invest in your home

You've made do for long enough. The days of second-hand sofas and build-it-yourself console tables are behind you. Custom furniture is made according to your specifications and designed to fit your space. We do more than just work around tricky layouts and tiny rooms—we unlock your home's full potential to create beautiful spaces that are also functional. If you're not sure what you're looking for, ask! Our team has a wealth of experience in the interior design industry. We can offer advice, recommendations, or help guide you in the right direction.

Invest in you

If you can dream it, we can make it. Instead of going from store to store, hoping to spot that "close enough" piece, we can create exactly what you have in mind. Far from being unattainable, custom furniture is actually a practical alternative to mass-produced pieces. At Studio 289, you can move beyond selecting finishes and trims to having a hand to creating your item from scratch. We pride ourselves on being transparent - we want you to be involved and informed at each stage of the process. After all, it's only perfect when you say it is!

To us, furniture is more than just a commodity. We think of it as a reflection of your style, and we aim to deliver the type of long-term quality and value that you and your home deserve. Book a phone consultation with us to get started. But be warned: once you see the difference custom furniture can make, you may never want to settle for ready-made again!

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