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How to improve the flow of your home

Lusting after a magazine-worthy design? Unlike an impeccably styled editorial, most of us are subjected to real life restraints that keep us from achieving the home of our dreams. Limited budgets, small rooms and tight timelines can stand in the way of that perfect look. But applying a few simple principles can drastically improve the feel of your home. Whether you’re furnishing a new house or updating your current space, here are some tips to get that photo-ready feel and go from blah to wow.

Cut clutter

Marie Kondo was onto something when she wrote her book. Decluttering is a quick, high impact action that can make a serious difference in your home. In graphic design, elements need white space to make an impact, and the same applies for interiors. Most homes can benefit from having more open space free of furniture or personal effects. It instantly makes a home appear larger and more inviting. Storage is necessary but so is editing your belongings. Many of us own more than we need or possibly use.

Match colours and elements (with focal points!)

For a consistent style strategy, consider carrying elements from one room to another. For example, the paint colour in the living room can match the chairs at the dining table. Or a textured pillowcase in the bedroom room can match the drape pattern in the den. This way, even when rooms serve entirely different purposes, they act as components to a whole home. No need to go overboard in matching—feel free to incorporate interesting focal points, like an accent wall, a unique piece of furniture, or interesting knick-knacks. This helps to provide a touch of personality.

Be intentional

Try to think through your design decisions and make them with purpose, instead of just settling for what’s easy, available or on sale. Consider the piece from every angle - size, colour, functionality, and where it will go in your home. Is it perfect for your needs? Or could it be better if it was a bit smaller? A different colour, perhaps? Served additional functions? While there are hidden gems to be found at any furniture retailer, opting for custom-made furniture lets you skip the scavenger hunt and design a piece from the ground up, optimizing every detail exactly the way you want it.

At Studio 289, we don’t design custom luxury furniture in a vacuum. Our furniture makers like to take a big-picture perspective and consider how it fits into your whole home. Investing in one or two handmade pieces can tie the decor elements of your house together, from what used to be disparate interior design choices to an end result that looks carefully thought out and planned. We can also assist by providing recommendations for future style moves, from paint ideas to furniture layout, to maximize the look and feel of your place. Contact us to book a consultation and learn more!

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