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Accent chairs: why their versatility makes them a condo-must have

You chose a condo so you could be close to everything that's hip and happening. Their turnkey maintenance and accessibility make them a popular choice for people of all life stages. But condos can be tricky to decorate. Their narrow, open-concept layouts aren't built to accommodate full-sized furniture. And while your childhood home may have included a dinette set, full-sized couch and entertainment cabinet, your choices will have to be more intentional when space is at a premium. Aside from relying on practical, multipurpose, condo sized furniture with smaller footprints, how can you furnish your home to reflect your personality? After all, bold interior design elements tend to overwhelm a small space. The solution? Accent chairs!

A big style statement...

Accent chairs may be compact, but they pack a lot of punch, style-wise, making them an excellent fit for small condos. You may have resigned yourself to a neutral paint for the walls—a wise choice for versatility—but you don't have to decorate everything in 50 shades of gray. A bright colour might indeed be too much on the walls or a large couch, but it's the perfect touch on an accent chair. They're available in many different styles and shapes—or even custom designed—to suit your tastes. If you're looking for a funky patterned lounger or unique sculptural seat, accent chairs can deliver. They can also add visual interest to an otherwise conservatively decorated living room.

...without a big commitment

Accent chairs are a statement piece that doesn't cost a small fortune. Often found at a lower price point, even at high end furniture stores, they can change up the look of your home without needing to invest in an entire overhaul. A well made accent chair can evolve as your tastes do, and be reupholstered in a new design to reflect your changing decor. In a smaller home, they're also a must-have if you're looking to add more seating options. Unlike your larger pieces, these versatile seats don't need a permanent home. The same accent chair can be set by a window for a little reading nook, brought over to the dining room table for a surprise guest, or placed along the coffee table with the sofas for a friendly board game battle. They can also serve as a stylish catch-all for an extra throw or the latest bestseller.

Looking for the perfect accent chair? Instead of settling for a novelty piece at a throwaway price, choose Studio 289 for custom luxury furniture to create one that will fit perfectly into your home. How? We take into account your existing furnishings and the dimensions of your room when building the chair, and will help you make the perfect choice from our range of shapes and silhouettes available. Contact us to find out more about our different styles of handmade furniture.

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