Custom Sectional Sofa

How we tackled the challenge of fitting a sectional into a condo

Sectionals are having a moment and for good reason! With plenty of seating space, their unique configuration lets you sit, sleep, lounge and snuggle, something that would be a tall order for a basic, no-frills couch. But they pose a problem to your average condo dweller. Units tend to be small and space at a premium, making the typical sectional outsized and out of proportion for most condos. But at our studio, there's nothing we love more than a challenge. Here's the lowdown on a custom-designed solution we created for a client. Spoiler alert: it involves handmade furniture!

The challenge:

Our client was looking for a sectional that would maximize the seating in their living room while keeping the rest of her condo open-concept.

The condo had a beautiful layout with clean lines and floor to ceiling windows throughout, but we noticed a few logistical challenges when we dropped by to take a look. The doorframes were on the smaller side, and whatever we ended up building would need to fit through the elevator as well. The client also had one additional request: she didn't want the windows obstructed by any furniture to maximize the light flow into her unit.

Our strategy:

To get a better idea of what we were working with, we made a visit to the client's condo to see the space for ourselves. Furniture can look correctly proportioned (or even on the small side) when sitting in a large showroom, but overwhelm a small space once you bring it home. We pride ourselves on our customer service, engaging in a back and forth process with the client to narrow down what she was looking for. Initially, she stressed her need for more seating space, but as we worked on designs with her, it became apparent that the flow of her space was her primary concern. We decided to scrap the original U design in favour of an L-shaped sectional. To address the seating issue, we suggested cube-shaped ottomans for a multipurpose solution: a coffee table when placed side by side, or extra seating for guests when set apart. Not to mention they made pretty good footrests too.

The end result:

Once the client approved our design, our furniture makers got to work, but instead of constructing one large piece, we built the sectional to be modular. Each seat became its own separate piece, not only allowing for ease of delivery (through those narrow doorways and small elevators), but also for different placement options in the home. The sectional was also built lower to the ground, to avoid blocking windows as much as possible. Finally, to enhance the livability of the unit without sacrificing flow, we designed two backless stools to serve as seating in the kitchen area. These chairs were custom made to tuck nicely under the counter when not in use. Our client was thrilled with the way everything came together for a cohesive look. And we were too!

Our passion? To create beautifully designed pieces that function as well as they'll look in your home. If you're tired of making do, let us help you style your space with our custom-made furniture and interior design expertise. Contact us with your wish list!

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